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Elizabeth Wilson and her husband, John Del Valle, opened VEO Art Studio as a place to pursue the goal of creating time and space for those who want to further explore artistic expression, recreation, relaxation or to discover their inner creativity. We offer a variety of art classes for all ages including figure sculpture, drawing, painting, mixed media sewing, beading, creative studio process, and creative expression through meditation.  

Classes offered at VEO are always provided in the context of health and wellbeing. 
Involvement in the arts can improve your health and feelings of wellbeing in many ways. Art education helps build confidence, further develops creative problem solving skills and improves learning and memory at any age. Taking an art class also provides opportunities to socialize and network with others interested in the arts. 

Elizabeth has had broad experience in the visual arts and now wants to share this experience with others who seek to explore new skills, or to simply engage in alternative recreational activities. Her experiences span from the fine arts, with a focus on figure sculpture to medical and biological illustration where everyday subjects or personal expression are brought to life through media extending from the traditional 2 dimensional arts working with pencil, pastels, and water color to 3 dimensional arts in clay and plaster.

Moreover, Elizabeth has a master's degree in health education and has participated extensively in education, through direct teaching of illustration and animation to the training of young physicians through the development of computer based programs where her experience in fine arts was instrumental in developing novel educational programs.

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Alisha: Life-size sculpture cast in plaster

Testimonials From Students

"VEO Art Studio offers the chance to better oneself in art.  There is an array of classes to choose from.  The studio promotes a creative environment where you are free to express your style.  Elizabeth is an amazing teacher.  She lets her students grow and develop their own style.  By the end of any of her classes you will have grown tremendously as an artist."

"I am so thrilled to be learning to sculpt -- your patient mentoring and timely instructions during each step of the course have made it both valuable and enjoyable! And here's an unexpected side benefit: What I'm learning is informing AND transforming my own art -- doll-making. Who knew? Thank you so much!"


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